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To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before (and all their students, too)

There’s a team of Fifth grade teachers in McGregor. At the start of the school year, they were strangers. Today, I said goodbye to friends.
Friends who have opened their hearts in prayer, who have shared their table, who have confided in me, and allowed me to confide in them. These friends have celebrated with me, worried with me, and lifted my spirits.
A year ago when we left Big D for little Oglesby, Jamie asked, “So why did you move HERE?” There were all kinds of answers. From ‘a teaching job’ to ‘doing what’s best for our children’ and even a bit of ‘for the starry nights.’
If Jaimie asked me the same question today, my answer would be quite different.
I came for Jamie, for Mandy, and Debbie and Moriah. I came for Jill and Heather and Nikki. I came to McGregor for Jenna, and Yatziri and Pattrick and Gerardo and Dixie and 90 other fifth graders. While we leave McGregor with less in our pockets and definitely less stuff altogether, I am infinitely richer and my heart overflowing.
See Ya’ll later, Bulldogs. Black and Gold forever.

*this is posted in a wee bit late. Life in Alaska has a way of moving slower but at a quick pace.

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13 days and counting

I will miss being able to take an afternoon and drive to a new version of Texas. Texas is full of so many different landscapes. We live at the edge of hill country, but we can drive to the coast, to the desert, to the hills or to wooded areas any time we have the time. We can see Dallas or SanAntonio or Galveston, all very different cities.
I will miss the sitting on the porch in the cool of late evening and drinking a cold soda on the porch. Or the way the Texas heat makes ice cream all the more a treat and children in summer time pools a way of life.
I will miss our small town mercantile that has all of about nine things on the menu, but all the community and connection you could never find in mall or in on-line shopping.
It turns out that as I pack up our dishes and decide which family photos to keep or which of my children’s framed art pieces to take with us, I will miss quite a lot of Texas. I will miss the youth group we fostered, the starry nights, the screen door slamming shut as the boys run off to play by the creek. Our church, our neighbors, our friends.
I can’t wait for the next chapter, but damn this Oglesby chapter was hard to let end.
See ya’ll later. We’ll miss you more than we can even imagine.