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12 days away

Alright ya’ll. It’s time to get real.

We are leaving our home in 12 days. Did I mention that 4 of those days we are hosting a Youth for Now day camp?!! In case you were wondering if we had completely lost our minds, you now have confirmation. Needless to say, time is ticking. And not on the clock in the living room. I already gave it away.
I have wasted a significant amount of time looking for packing tips, packing checklists and the like. Waste. Of. Time. At the end of the day, it’s just you and your stuff. Way too much stuff.
Today’s plan was to completely 100% clear ONE room. I type this sitting on the floor in an empty living room. Tomorrow we will clear another room.
New beginnings have to start somewhere.

Alaska is starting to feel real.