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If You Missed a Sunday

Ya’ll, I need a Sunday.
Our little UU church in Waco, like so many churches today, offers archived sermons on-line, for “if you missed a Sunday.”
Well, ya’ll I miss “a Sunday.”
Since moving to Alaska, We MISS many of our Sundays. Sundays while we lived in Texas were never ever a day a rest. In fact, as youth leaders, Sunday was our most whirlwind day of the week. But those Sundays helped prepare us for this Alaskan adventure. Sundays at our Methodist church, among the youth group, we learned that all things are possible and to be unafraid. From our UU church, we learned that it is okay to be afraid, and that sometimes, it isn’t possible, but we persist anyway.  We carry them both in our hearts.
We carry the brave love of the FUMC who is filled to the absolute brim with unrelenting radical Christ like love for every soul in Oglesby. I don’t even know that Oglesby itself realizes what a jewel from heaven they have right there on College Street. These are doors Christ holds open to all and nothing but unconditional love flows from them.
We burn with the light of the chalice from WUU. Here, humanity is recognized, both our own and those we humans often see as ‘others’. In this place, Sunday means a place to find peace, salve for wounds from the journey, and renewal and connection with those understand, or seek to understand, what it is to live in a way where, in service are we truly in prayer.  Oh, what Holy water!
So okay, we miss our Sundays. But it is because of the Sundays we didn’t miss that we are able to find moments of Sunday here.


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