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Baby, it’s cold outside

There was snow this morning when I opened the door. Ice shimmered on the porch steps leading to the path to the school. Soft fluffy flurries swirled and blew so thick that I couldn’t keep my eyes open against the flakes. But I couldn’t stand to look away either. What breath taking magic!
I promised Eastyn that when snow came, I would “look at all all all of it” with him. He’s been watching and waiting for snow for weeks. He giggled when we opened the door. His eyes looked up at me and his whole face was lit with the excitement only a five year old can have. At 8:45, the sun hadn’t joined us for the day making the moment all the more magical. Eastyn’s eyes looked at mine. His little feet all snug and warm in his boots did a little dance and he turned in the snowfall, laughing.
But school starts at 8:45 and we were already running late, so our celebration was short. I walked with Eastyn down the steps and pulled his hood up and kissed him good bye. He ran into the school building, stopping here and there to look up at the sky. He was still laughing at the door.
Sometimes it’s snow that makes a moment magic. Sometimes it’s the one we share it with. Sometimes it’s unexpected or long awaited. Or both. Whatever it is, whatever makes a moment like that leave us warm the whole day through, I am grateful for it.
Here’s to two minute celebrations. May you find them as they find you.


One thought on “Baby, it’s cold outside

  1. Gabrielle says:

    There will be many more days full of magic like the one you described. And, they will, no doubt, be even more special because you are experiencing them through the eyes, laughter and excitement of Eastyn.
    I look forward to reading more adventures of the Martin Family.


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