14 days and counting.

There are a few things I will not miss about Texas.
Today our youngest son had an appointment in Austin. Texas is a big state ya’ll, though not as big as Alaska. We make this drive every week. It is two hours each way. In Austin traffic-which if you’ve ever tried to get somewhere by way of parking-lot, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I will not miss traffic.
The heat today and pretty much all the time is oppressive. When we get out of the car, waves of heat try and push us back. It’s hard not to submit. I will not miss heat.
I will not miss crowded shopping either. Emily needs a few pairs of jeans and a sweater or two to go and Surprise! not in stock in any of the gazillion stores we trekked to. I will not miss shopping malls. Or the people who worship them.
It’s all still a bit surreal that we’ve been granted this adventure. It feels all blurry and not real. I came home to suitcase chaos, exactly as we left it. I hope that a year from now I still feel the way I do today. I will not miss all this stuff.


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