15 days and counting

In just over two weeks, we will close up this rental home in a tiny town in Texas and head to Alaska.  All of us. A mom and a dad and three minis, 14, 11, and 5 along with one hippie dog and a pretty chill snake.
So far we have learned a few things, the first being that we have way too much stuff. And it all has to go.
Each of our three children will pack one and only one 12x12x5 box of personal belongings that we will ship ahead. Today was that day.
It took my 14-year-old hours to carefully choose which rocks, shells, and books to take.
My 5-year-old son threw some very random toys in his. Also some crackers, a pair of shoes and his toothbrush and band-aids. We’re pretty sure this all just an idea to him. But oh boy he is excited about snow.
My 11-year-old son insists that he doesn’t really have anything to pack. His snake is coming and all he needs is what’s in his checked bag and carry-on. Oh, boy.
As for us…We have too much stuff!
And it’s all got to go away so that we can GO.


2 thoughts on “15 days and counting

  1. May you have a safe journey I know it will be a bit of culture shock having lived there for 20 years and now in Texas so just have patience and you will end up with memories for a lifetime.


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